Wow where to begin.  Well, I am a 24-yr old Accounting professional with an avid interest in music and photography.  I reside in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, giving me the opportunity to divulge into the urban culture the area provides.  Beyond my work hours, I surround myself with music of all types, having recently dug into the local EDM/rave scene.

In addition to going to shows and listening to progressive trance/house tunes, I enjoy taking pictures at these events and elsewhere, capturing ‘in-the-moment’ moments.  Photography of people is my recent interest, but I do enjoy shooting scenes of nature and sporting events as well.  As of now it is a fun past-time, but I would like to get more serious as I purchase professional equipment.

Who knows; maybe one day instead of sitting at a desk crunching numbers, I will be shooting pics for Sports Illustrated with the beats of Deadmau5 pouring into my ears.


can’t wait.

I am at work – but can’t wait to start my new blog!  Tonight, perhaps? 🙂